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The mission here at Home Faith is to lead you in the right direction when picking various products for your home. 

Our reviews are unbiased and the goal is to pick the best in class options. Consider us your personal shopper. 

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The 6 Best Warm Mist Humidifiers of 2018!

You may think common coughs and colds from dry air is nothing a medicine can’t fix but have you ever wondered on ways to avert these infections before it even starts to manifest in your bodies?

8 Best Newborn Bathtub Options of 2018!

Like any other type of bathtubs, there are various kinds of baby bathtubs you can choose from. The challenging part of buying a baby tub, however, is choosing what’s best. 

7 Best Acrylic Bathtubs of 2018!

​Bathtubs in the market this year are offering us a variety of options that could very well be confusing - there’s simply too many options to choose from!

Let the folks at Home Faith break it down.

7 Best Freestanding Tubs of 2018!

Various types of bathtubs are making its way to the market this year to give customers their best bath experience. With the close competition in the market today, determining the best tubs will be difficult. 

5 Best Humidifiers for Dry Skin

Living in a house engulfed in stifling dryness in the air does not exactly scream healthy living, does it? Dry skin, for one, is one of the most common adverse effects to this situation.

7 Best Humidifiers for Babies

Having a bundle of joy at home is a wonderful thing. However, if our little ones are having colds or flu, we tend to panic and rush immediately to the pediatrician, right? 

Best Clay Chimineas

Clay chimineas are a great addition to any patio or outdoor furniture setup. Chimineas were once used  for cooking and have their influences from Mexican and Spanish traditions.