One of the major things we use at home is our bathtubs. We can live without a shower curtain but not our tubs.

I’ve been using a bathtub since I was a baby. It’s like one of the many things at home that grows with me too. I treat my tub as one of my best friends at home.

However, as technology rapidly develops, bathtubs are improving too. Different types and designs have emerged in the market, which makes it difficult to choose. So to narrow down my search on the best bathtub, I have come to realize many things.

Factors To Consider

Regardless of the many types and designs, I have set some factors I consider when buying bathtubs. Materials, design and style, cost, color, and other things are the factors I usually check when purchasing one.


When I already have checked the things I need to when choosing my tub, I always thought of why I am buying a bathtub in the first place. The primary reason that easily pops up in my mind is the comfort and convenience when taking a bath. Will I enjoy taking a bath if I choose this tub?

What My Bathtub Experience Taught Me

There are many things using a tub has taught me. First is the benefits I can take advantage of if I choose the right one. Second is the “need” to have one at home. Lastly is simply the joy it brings when you have it at home.

It is not only I who will benefit from using tubs but also my family. I have witnessed the fun and joy they experienced when using the right bathtub. It brings happiness to me too seeing them really happy with their baths.

I know we have our own stories to tell when it comes to our bath time. I may be talking about having fun while soaking my body. But others find their tubs as their stress reliever.

Those who are tired from a long day’s work just want to hang out in their tubs and relax. There is nothing really special about it, but it has greatly helped them physically and emotionally.

My aim now is to help you narrow down your choices when buying bathtubs. Through this, your burden of choosing what’s best is lifted. You’ll definitely have more reasons to go home and make the most out of your bath time.