5 Best Aluminum Patio Furniture of 2018

Jun 29, 2018 | Outdoor, Reviews

You cannot say you have a picture perfect house without having the right pieces of patio furniture. It is one of the underrated puzzle pieces a house has to have. The best pieces of patio furniture will spruce up your outdoors while providing you the outdoor comfort you deserve. You would have to look through many factors to choose the right one, though. Here are five of the best pieces of patio furniture to start your search. Look through each of them carefully – one of them may be right down your alley.

Top 5 Aluminum Patio Sets

1. Best Overall

Best Choice Products 5-Piece Cast Aluminum Patio Dining Set

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Compared to the others on this list, the Best Choice 5-piece dining set is relatively cheaper. However, this dining set does not have other variations. You would have to buy Best Choice’s other outdoor patio dining sets with different designs.

This dining set boasts of its lattice-weave design that’s perfect for both patios and poolside.

The crisscross pattern dominant on both the chairs and table adds to the elegance of your patio. The pieces of this set are cast aluminum, so it’s extremely easy to see the fine details of your furniture. This particular material also makes the dining set light and sturdy.

Aside from the overall aesthetic this dining set gives, it also takes into consideration the user’s comfort. The Best Choice dining set is comfortable, even without cushions. The four chairs are contoured; you would be able to relax and rest easy outdoors. Additionally, the armrests of the chairs are curved, so your entire body will appreciate this dining set’s structure.

Whatever the weather, you’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely meal outside. There is a hole in the middle of the table where you can place an umbrella for shade. You’ll be safe and well protected from the harsh rays of the sun. You don’t need to worry about your patio furniture too; cast-aluminum furniture is guaranteed to be maintenance and rust-free.

Even with its low price, the Best Choice 5-piece dining set still manages to go head to head with its competitors. It has all the features of a good patio dining set at a fraction of the price of other brands.

Pros and cons

  • Lattice-weave design
  • Curved structure, curved armrests for added comfort
  • Price friendly
  • Limited set variety

2. Best Value

Covington 5-Piece Dining Set: The Classic, Elegant Aluminum Patio Set

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The Covington set is one of the best sets of patio furniture you can choose from by its overall quality. If you have a larger family, there is a variation of this set that seats six.

Moreover, Covington also gives you the option to buy only a pair of chairs. The price increases or decreases depending on the number of items in each set.

This particular dining set is a viable choice if you want a patio set for you to dine outdoors in style. The Covington set is particularly viable because of its elegant finish. It has an antique bronze finish that compliments most patio setups. It’s a color that’s an established classic in the realm of patio furniture, making it easy to mix and match with other pieces. Additionally, this finish is made not only to look pretty but to withstand harsh temperatures and weather.

The chairs and table of the Covington set are made from cast aluminum. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to spice your patio up, cast aluminum sets are the way to go. Cast aluminum sets are less expensive than wrought iron furniture sets. Cast aluminum furniture like the Covington set is also maintenance-free. You don’t have to worry about the humid weather causing your patio set to rust.

Overall, the Covington is a good choice for a patio dining set. It’s built to look good and last long – the basic principles of reliable sets of patio furniture.

Pros and cons

  • Lots of variations
  • Elegant antique bronze finish
  • Water resistant, rust free
  • May need cushions to enhance comfort
  • Table is a tad small

3. Best Large Set

DF Studio 300210 Calandra Patio Furniture Set: The Bigger, Reliable Aluminum Summer Patio Set

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If you have more space on your patio, you’d probably want to look into patio furniture sets with bigger dimensions. The GDF Studio 300210 Calandra Patio set is bigger than the others on this list and does not disappoint with its many features. It’s built to be sturdy and presentable, perfect for those who want to invite guests over 24/7.

Your poolside parties are sure to be a hit with the GDF Studio Calandra set.

It has a hole in the middle of the large table for an umbrella, to keep you cool and shaded. There’s enough space on the table for your outdoor food party. The heat of the sun or drizzle of the rain won’t be able to stop your fun.

It’s easy to integrate decoration-wise because of its simple bronze finish. The design of the furniture pieces is simple but aesthetically pleasing. You may opt to buy cushions to bring in a pop of color, but even with the bare set, your patio will look stunning.

It’s not the cheapest patio furniture set, by any means. Compared to the others on this list, the GDF Studio Calandra Patio Set is one of the most expensive brands. However, the price difference is accounted for by the difference between the models’ sizes.

Pros and cons

  • Big and spacious
  • Space for Umbrella
  • Durable Design
  • Expensive

4. Best on a Budget

Prague 2-Seater Set: The Space-Saving, Wallet-Friendly Aluminum Patio Set

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If you’re short on space but still want to decorate your patio, the Prague 2-Seater set may be the answer to your problem. This patio furniture set is one of the best if you don’t usually invite people over. The table is built-in directly between the two chairs, so you’re free to stretch your legs without knocking the table.

Like the other furniture sets, there is a space in the middle of the table where you can easily insert an umbrella.

There may not be enough space for anything else – aside from two glasses of wine or a plate of nachos – but you’ll be well comfortable and shaded.

The design of the Prague 2-Seater set is intricate and exquisite looking. Additionally, the Prague 2-Seater set has an antique bronze finish. Antique bronze is a neutral color that can easily complement any other furniture pieces. Any colorful decoration piece will surely pop if placed with this patio furniture set.

There are no other variants of this cast aluminum set. However, other sets offer individual chairs for roughly the price of this set. Since this set already comes with a built-in table, you won’t need to purchase anything else, aside from the optional umbrella. You’ll have the functionality of an entire set of patio furniture for half the price of most models; the only con is that you’ll only be able to seat two people.

Overall, the Prague 2-Seater Set is a good buy if you’re buying for a small-sized family. It’s also the best option if you don’t have much space to spare or cash to burn.

Pros and cons

  • Budget friendly
  • Has all you need in one purchase
  • Space saving
  • Only seats two people
  • Minor problems with the paint job

5. Best for the Family

Darlee Elisabeth 9-Piece Dining Set: The Patio Furniture Set for Big Groups

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The Darlee Elisabeth 9-piece dining set is a huge purchase compared to the others on this list. If you’re still not satisfied with the 5-piece patio dining sets on this list, the Darlee Elisabeth set may be for you.

Price-wise, the Darlee Elisabeth set is a pretty big jump. However, it does have more pieces, with the same – if not better – qualities.

Firstly, the Darlee Elisabeth set is the only set featured here with built-in cushions. The sesame-colored cushions ensure your comfort as you dine with friends or family. These cushions are made out of 100% polyester. Polyester is a very durable fabric, so your investment in the Darlee Elisabeth set will last a while.

Build-wise, the Darlee Elisabeth is made of cast aluminum. Cast aluminum furniture is highly preferable since you don’t have to worry about rust, no matter the climate. Darlee Elisabeth regards their dining set as weather-resistant, so rain or shine, your furniture is guaranteed to last.

Furthermore, the Darlee Elisabeth set has seat variety. This set includes six standard dining chairs and two swivel-rocking chairs. The seat variety of the Darlee Elisabeth set makes it viable not only for a home setting but a professional setting as well.

In regards to aesthetics, the Darlee Elisabeth is a sight to behold with its antique bronze finish. The sesame-colored cushions also add to the elegance of the furniture set. Then again, if you have a full-blown 9-piece dining set setup, your patio is more than qualified to be the epitome of elegance. Antique bronze, in particular, is very easy to coordinate with other pieces. You can easily make your patio the talk of the town if you integrate the Darlee Elisabeth set with more colored pieces.

Pros and cons

  • Antique bronze finish
  • Comfortable polyester seat cushions
  • Seat variety
  • Most expensive on this list

Factors to Consider Before Buying Patio Furniture

Indeed, it is exciting to play interior designer and beautify your patio. However, there are a few key factors you need to keep in mind before you press “Purchase.”

Available Space

If you have quite a bit of patio space, ignore this factor and move on to the next. You need to double-check the dimensions of each furniture set before buying it. You don’t want to buy the set of your dreams, only to figure out that you have to get rid of the table for it to fit. There are smaller or space-saving models on the market.

Design and Color

There are a lot of patio furniture sets available on the market. With thousands upon thousands at your fingertips, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes. Make sure that the color of the furniture pieces will blend nicely with your patio or your pre-owned furniture. Steer clear of color combinations that don’t mix well. If possible, stick to basic colors such as bronze, antique bronze, or brown.


What the furniture set is made of will determine its durability. You don’t want to invest in a furniture set that’s doomed to break down after only a month or two. Research the material the furniture set is made of. The furniture sets in this list, for example, are made of cast aluminum, making these sets rust-free and weather-resistant.

Overall Structure

The build of the furniture pieces will determine how comfortable sitting on this patio set will be. You need to choose a set with features of comfort, such as a cushion, or armrests, without compromising your budget.


The best patio furniture set of 2018 is the Best Choice 5-piece dining set. It seats a standard number of people at a reasonable price while ensuring each person’s comfort. It’s built to be both durable and beautiful, making it not only a decorative patio set but an operational one as well.

However, any of the items on this list are quite viable contenders and are great buys in each of their own right. Depending on your needs, choose a product that matches your specifications from this roster of varied options.

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