The 2017 best bathtub bands continue to excite their customers with their latest and cool product designs. They are constantly on par with the trends that people always anticipate. Brands are one of the major factors we consider before buying our tubs. So here, I will show you what bathtub brands are worth your attention.

best bathtub brands

7 Best Bathtub Brands In The Market This 2017

1. American Standard

The first in our list of the best bathtub brands isn’t much of a shocker. American Standard is continuously building a strong legacy with its products, specifically bathtubs.

The company has been producing exceptional products for over 140 years now. They have been setting and resetting their standards in terms of safety, health, beauty, and responsibility.

american standard

Their passion for producing in-demand bathtubs and other products never stops flowing. They don’t settle for second best because people depend on their tubs.

Those who are enjoying retirement in their respective homes, who are tired from work and want to relax, and who like to have fun expect something from them.

Their brand is a showcase of performance, eco-friendly design, and beauty to improve their customers’ lives and the well-being of mother earth.

Honestly, when it comes to American Standard, they really know how to design a tub. So, yeah. This is something that I’d recommend my friends and family.

2. Woodbridge Kitchen & Bath

Woodbridge is next in our list of the best bathtub brands. The company specializes in creating high-quality bathroom and kitchen products for 12 years now. They commit to provide high standards with their products for a better customer experience. 

woodbridge kitchen and bath

The company also has enough experience in the bathroom and kitchen industry, which ensures their products will exceed customers’ expectations. Through their experience, it enables them to produce unique designs that people will always remember. Until now, they make their designs with sophistication and elegance as a qualification to their high standards.

Verdict: Woodbridge Kitchen & Bath has enough years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry. They already have proven competitive among other bathtub brands. I will purchase their tubs if I can see some that fit what I like. Their tubs are easy to clean, so I won’t have anymore problems of getting rid of stubborn dirt.

3. Kingston Brass


“Embodying the soul of creative craftsmanship, inspired by the heart of ingenious designs,” as what the company’s tagline states. Kingston Brass is included in our selection of the best bathtub brands because they combine aesthetics and functionality in their products. 

The company has been operating since 1998 creating their top-quality line.

Over the years of providing excellent products, they have developed and enhanced their methods of producing the best quality products. The company has even categorized their items for a better customer service. They have created brands like Aqua Eden, Vintage, Designer Trimscape, Fauceture, and Gourmetier. With the varieties of brands, Kingston Brass makes sure each product process meets or exceeds the American standard to produce the quality they want to achieve.

Verdict: Their tubs are okay; however, I am considering the depth of the tub. So I don’t think I will always look at their bathtubs whenever I buy one. But their tubs have a good appearance that comes with different shapes, so I think their tubs are a good bathroom decor. Why not try one of theirs and see if you like them?

4. AKDY Appliances

AKDY Appliances has something to offer too in the market, which is why it is listed as one of the best bathtub brands.

The company has produced high-end home improvement products that are now gaining much interest in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

These guys have already been in the business for 11 years, which gives them an edge in the credibility factor.

akdy appliances

The company is a proud 75th placer in the 2015 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List. Their primary aim is to make our homes a better place to live.

They are always on top with the industry trends to provide their customers with a wide range of new designs. They also have products at affordable prices to widen their customer reach.

Verdict: I have to highlight the company’s tubs that are designed for outdoor baths. But their draining system is a problem, and we don’t want to spend another fortune to fix that. Nevertheless, their tubs are worth a try if you wanted larger ones that you and your family can enjoy.

5. Empava Appliances

Empava Appliances is also making noise in our selection of the best bathtub brands. The company, like others, is home to kitchen and bathroom products as well. They produce home products like cooktops, ovens, bathtubs, gas ranges, and waste disposers to provide their customers with kitchen and bathroom aid.


When it comes to their bathtubs, Empava Appliances offers different collections that you can choose from. They have freestanding, jacuzzi, and walk-in tubs that perfectly fit different personal preferences. Their tub prices, however, are a little costly, but for sure, it has some special features that worth their prices.

Verdict: I’m amazed at their jacuzzi tubs, to be honest. Their jacuzzi tubs have perfect massage jets great for regaining your strength. You have to try their other tubs too. I bet there’s more to look for in their tubs if you will buy one, considering the range of their prices.

6. Kohler

Kohler is another company known to have created in-demand products in the market and is one of the best bathtub brands. To continue their legacy for more than 100 years now, the company is still constantly creating traditional cast iron tubs. They were also featured in The Builder Magazine as a plumbing company that is making the best quality and most used bathroom products.


Verdict: Kohler has been in the industry for more than a century already and has been really stable with their products. I will continue using their brand because there are many benefits that I can take advantage of, especially with bathtubs. The difficulty in climbing into the tub can be easily resolved.


OVE Decors also makes it in our list of the best bathtub brands. The company has been building their line for 12 years now and continues to grow. They have their own extensive and outstanding design with a leading edge in trends and technology. 

They are dynamic and responsive to their customers, which makes their service unique.

ove decors

Their high-quality products are based on thorough research about outstanding designs. Each item they make undergoes an extensive evaluation and tests by their skilled staff. They make sure every product passes or exceeds their standards and customer needs.

Verdict: If you are looking for a tub that is really good-looking, then check out the products from OVE Decors. Their brand produces tubs that are pleasing to the eyes, which can be an additional decor in your bathroom too. But their items are not really ideal for deep soaking. However, you can still try their products so you will know if this is for you.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bathtub Brands

1. Material

Before choosing what brand is great, it is important to remember some tub features the brand should have. One of these features is the tub’s material. There are different types of materials like acrylic or enamel-coated cast iron. It will make a difference with your bath experience by just looking at the material of the tub.

2. Cost

Price, of course, matters when buying a tub. If the company is consistently labeling tubs with high prices, then there must be something special with their products. On the other hand, if the brand has different price ranges, then the pros and cons of their products greatly differ, depending on the cost. 

3. Size

Bathtub brands today are offering various sizes to fit different types of customers. If the brand you are looking at offers sizes that would fit the needs of your family, then better consider that company. Remember, the size is one of the factors you need to look into when purchasing tubs, so thoroughly check the sizes before making a purchase.

Wrapping up

You can now start weighing things if what brand has the bath features you are looking for. One effective way of narrowing down our search for the right tub is to trust a brand. Once you have built your loyalty to and trust in the brand, you become their constant customer.

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