7 Best Bathtubs That Will Complete Your Bathing Experience

For the year 2018, there are hundreds of bathtub models that have made its way to the market. I’m a huge fan of bubble baths and rubber ducks, so I spent the last few months doing intensive research. Lo and behold, I was able to narrow down the number from hundreds to the 7 best bathtubs.

7 Best Bathtubs on The Market This 2018

1. American Standard Bathtub

Let’s start the game strong with the number 1 best seller of the year. This beautifully made 5-foot bathtub is built for a King (or Queen) in the bathtub industry.

It isn’t really surprising though, American Standard has been killing the competition for years now. 

Known for its chinaware product line, you can expect nothing less with its fine fire clay to give you a way better experience than other brands.

Unlike the traditional bathtubs, this tub is made of Americast construction, which gives a valuable improvement over its competitors. Its glossy porcelain finish easily attract your eyes for aesthetics. Additionally, you don’t have to worry because it is slip-resistant.

Not only that, American Standard also makes sure that the installation is easy. And as a bonus, you can enjoy sitting on the tub’s head end.


  • Fits easily into the standard bath alcoves for an easy installation
  • Comes with a rather cheap installation process
  • Approx. 50% lighter compared to other bathtubs in this list
  • Full slip-resistant surface to keep you safe


  • Non-skid patches at the bottom that are hard to clean
  • Bathtub can be a bit narrow.

My Take: It’s no wonder this is the number 1 best seller of the year - the market knows how to spot a good one when it’s there. This beautifully made Cambridge 5-foot bathtub has the best bathtub features.

Its space may not be really convenient, but it’s a give and take process with its full slip-resistant feature. If your priority is safety first, then this tub is a good recommendation. 

2. CO-Z Adult PVC Portable Folding Inflatable Bathtub

Next on our list is a bit different than the typical solid bathtub. The portable folding bathtub is made of high-density PVC, which gives you a better bathing experience. Its inflatable pillow will make you more comfortable along with its backrest and armrest. You can also roll up or zip up the upper cover to adjust the water temperature. It features a cell phone or drinks holder to keep your things near you. 


  • More comfortable than porcelain bathtubs
  • A specialized cell phone or drinks holder to keep your things safe
  • Fold-able and portable design to carry it easily anywhere


  • Only for people less than 6 feet tall and lighter than 220 lbs
  • Not ideal for children taking a bath alone

My Take: I would suggest to use this tub if you and your family love outdoor activities. It’s foldable and portable that you can easily carry it anywhere. However, if you are an indoor person who only likes hanging at home, I would still recommend the solid tub. It’s still convenient to soak in a tub that’s hard and glossy.

3. American Standard Bathtub

This is one of the best bathtubs that is made of acrylic with a reinforcement of fiberglass. Its armrests are dual-molded and also includes an option for an under-mount installation and a pre-leveled bottom. It has an interesting feature of a reversible drain outlet. It only weighs 72 pounds and has a capacity of 60 or more gallons.


  • Deep and comfortable for a satisfying body soaking
  • Spa experience without you getting into a real spa service
  • Easy cleaning without the need for a bathtub cleaner


  • High step into the tub, which is not really convenient
  • Not ideal for tiny faucets
  • Does not have the tile flange for an alcove installation

My Take: This tub is ideal for an average person only, not too tall nor too big. So you might want to consider other tubs if you are more than the size of an average person. However, it can be fit in a limited space, so given you are comfortable with its size, you can use this if you have a small bathroom.

4. Woodbridge 67" Acrylic Bathtub

This bathtub is made for sophistication and elegance with a modern touch, which makes it different from other bathtubs. Its smooth curves will fit your body comfortably.

It is also made of glossy white acrylic with double-walled construction. It is 100% factory tested, which has no leaks and other problems. A high-quality flexible tube drain is also included in this bathtub with the brushed nickel rectangle overflow.


  • Easy maintenance without requiring too much cleaning
  • Relaxing and comfortable for an entire body soak
  • Double-walled design to maximize insulation and adjust water temperature


  • Not for quick drain that would need some draining work
  • Prone to leaks
  • Tendency to crack

My Take: If the tub’s appearance matters, then this might be good for you. It is designed elegantly to be more attractive. However, the fact that it sounds like it is going to crack anytime is a sign of bad quality. You may be spending more to fix the new bathtub than purchasing it.

5. KOHLER Bancroft 5-Foot Bath

This Bancroft 5-foot bathtub, among our best bathtubs’ list, is made of acrylic with a left-hand drain and an integral apron. Its installation is a three-wall alcove and has a molded lumbar support that gives extra comfort while you soak your body.

The tub also includes an integral flange that keeps water from seeping behind your wall. 


  • Good bathtub depth for a better soaking
  • Can be used as a shower too
  • Smooth comfortable bottom part.


  • Drain is not seated properly, which can be a source of leaks
  • Still needs a mortar base installation
  • Hard to step out so you have to be very careful

My Take: If you want a tub that can be used to bathe or shower, then this bancroft 5-foot bathtub from KOHLER might be good. The price should tell that it must have special features because it would be disappointed if none. Its dual purpose makes this tub useful.

6. AKDY Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Just like the other best bathtubs, AKDY acrylic bathtub is made of a high-quality acrylic. It has a beautiful curvaceous line, which makes it more unique among others.

It has a double-walled construction with a rounded rim for better relaxation. It also has the adjustable feet to adjust the leveling and is capable of up to 95 gallons. The tub includes a flexible drainage pipe.


  • You can bathe with children or partner at the same time in the tub
  • Double-walled design to adjust water temperature
  • High water capacity for a good soaking


  • Not the finest quality, with a cheap hose that slows down draining
  • Does not have an overfill drain
  • Slightly susceptible to damage, which could cause you extra

My Take: Its high water capacity will make your soaking experience great. This tub is recommended to be good. You can soak in your body as deep as you wish. It also looks good and would stand out among other bathtubs. You can also take a bath with your loved ones, so it is perfect for families with small children or even couples.

7. Kingston Brass Acrylic Bathtub

Same with other best bathtubs mentioned previously, the Kingston brass acrylic bathtub is also made with resin material and fiberglass. This is an alcove drop-in type with an apron. Its acrylic construction is 2- to 4-mm thick and can cater up to 64 gallons.

 It is also lightweight, which is easy to move and is strong and solid. It is included on our list of best bathtubs because the tub is stain-resistant and has a high-gloss appearance. 


  • Ideal for a limited bathroom space
  • Left-hand and right-hand drain for your replacement needs
  • Used as a shower too


  • Not really deep, which is not ideal for a good soaking
  • Low overflow that needs an overflow cover to fill in the tub
  • Measurements about plumbing is not included

My Take: The Kingston brass acrylic bathtub is not really recommended. First of all, you want a deep tub for a better soaking. Second, you need enough space for overflow. Lastly, plumbing is essential with the installation. So how are you going to install this in the first place without the instructions?

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Bathtubs

Before you choose from the best bathtubs on our list, there are several factors you need to keep in mind first.

1. Bath experience

This is the most important thing in choosing bathtubs - your bath experience. You don’t want something you will regret in the end right? Factors like the depth and texture are important, so better list the features you are looking for in a tub.

If you are the type who likes to have long baths, then you have many things to consider when choosing your tub. The shape of the tub is also matters because this will affect the convenience when you take your bath. Aside from that, the depth of the tub is also to be checked because it would determine how much water it requires. 

2. Shower option

If there is another thing you would look for in a tub is the shower option. It is always better to purchase a tub with a dual purpose, that is, for bath and shower. Some would prefer a bathroom that has a separate bath and shower; however, if your bathroom is two-in-one, then getting a two-in-one tub is just right. It is up to you, however, if you really want a tub that can be a shower too.

3. Size

A bathtub size is also another essential factor when purchasing a tub. A standard size of about 5 feet long is not really ideal to many Americans. Aside from that, you would also consider the size of your bathroom because it will affect the right size of the tub you must buy. You would want something that is convenient and comfortable of course.

In the event that you will be remodelling your bathroom, your bathtub is one of the major parts that will prioritize. How long or wide would you like your bathtub to be? That still depends on how you define convenience and satisfaction with using a bathtub. 

4. Cost

You should not miss this of course. Price matters even if we look more into the tub’s quality. You need to weigh things first if you would purchase a tub with a higher price that has a good quality or go for the lesser price with a not-so-sure quality. However, not all expensive tubs have high quality; you may need some assistance on what to check when buying a bathtub. 

5. Material 

In terms of quality, the material of the tub also needs to be evaluated before purchasing your bathtub. You need to consider factors like the cast iron, steel, marble, copper, and cast polymer because they are important. Although correct maintenance is the key to extend the life of your tub, some of these materials also contribute to the life expectancy of your tub. 

6. Style

Bathtubs come in different styles and colors. Although tubs are often white and have a classic style, you also have many other options to choose from, if you are looking for a more modern one. But if you want a particular look, it may cost you more. It may be best to do some research first so you will know what style is best for you.


You may need some time to check the features and others when finding the best bathtubs. However, it would be wiser to take careful steps before buying one. After all, this would be a form of an investment that you will make. So evaluate the specifics first before deciding which is best for you.