5 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers

Are you having troubles with your dry skin, chapped lips, itchy skin, and respiratory problems like asthma and sinus congestions? 

If so, lighten up, because getting rid of these health issues might just be as simple as buying yourself a cool mist humidifier.

Before you go shopping for one (or two), read my review on the top 5 best cool mist humidifier. You may find the one that meets your needs here!

How does a cool mist humidifier works?

To begin with, I think it would be best for us to, uh, “acquaint”, ourselves first on what is a cool mist humidifier (or humidifier, in general) and how it really works.

Humidifier, from the word itself, is a device that increases moisture and keeps the inside of your room humid. In our case, these two humidifiers expel a cool mist instead of warm mist.


Although both categories, cool and warm mist, are polar opposites, basically, they provide the same purpose of eliminating such respiratory and skin problems mentioned before.

It helps in maintaining humidity in the air and keeps you healthy and your room hydrated. Humidifiers come in different sizes and shapes so you could choose anything that best suits your wants and needs.

Getting know our top 5 best cool mist humidifier

1. Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

A durable tank and other parts

One of the most important parts of a humidifier is its tank. The good thing here is that the tank is easy to fill and is expected to last more than its three-year warranty.

It is trouble-free when it comes to cleaning since it has a wide-opening that could easily fit your hand inside the water tank and clean and fill it without any hassle. The other parts submerged in water are also easy to wash.


What’s more, even the tank and water tray at the bottom can be washed in a dishwasher without complications.

Germ-killing technology

Rumor has it that the UV light of this humidifier kills germs. After doing a little digging on the internet, I found out that the rumor is actually true.

The ultraviolet light is designed to kill any bacteria or germs. It has a patented germ-killing chamber which exterminates 99.9% bacteria. A great plus, huh?

But if for some instance, a bacteria had somehow found its way to the water, the Honeywell HCM-350 has an antimicrobial process that helps prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Less noise and easy controls

If you are concerned about the noise it makes when running, you’re in luck because the noise level for this cool mist humidifier is 25% quieter than other humidifiers. 

It comes with 3 speed settings—low, medium, high—for its moisture and sound levels making it simpler for you to adjust the device according to your needs.


  • Some parts are washable by dishwasher
  • Very minimal noise
  • Easy to clean and fill


  • Wicks should be replaced frequently
  • Lack of humidistat

2. Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Great controls and advanced features

It automatically adjusts its humidity output according to the room temperature. It is also built with a timer where you can safely let your humidifier run for a specific period without having to turn it off yourself.

What’s even great is the LED light which can also be used as your night light. It saves you electricity since you can use your humidifier as such and as your light.


Lastly, it does not only produce cool mist but you are also given an option to disperse warm mist. A huge plus, right?

Ultra-quiet operation

Like most humidifiers, AOS 7147 only generates low and very minimal noise when running. It is quiet enough not to wake you in your sleep. Even light sleepers can sleep without fear of waking in the middle of the night from the sounds.

Mist capacity and coverage area

It can produce as many as 3.5 gallons of mist per hour and can effectively humidify a maximum of 650 sq. feet which would be enough to cover a medium or even large size room.

Its tank size can hold 3.5 liters of water and can be refilled 1 to 3 times a day depending on the level of your mist output.


  • Accepts tap water or hard water
  • Has an automatic humidistat
  • Low energy consumption


  • Needs regular cleaning
  • Water reservoir can be hard to open

3. Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Health-friendly and a decorative piece all in one

This humidifier is standing beautifully in a vase-like design, looking gorgeous with its black color and the sleek and slim style. It doesn’t only serve as a functional humidifier but can also be a great decorative figure.

It gives your home a soothing humidity level, reducing discomfort and at the same time, beautifies it with its unique design.


8 mist settings + 3 nozzle attachments

Yes, you read it right. It has 8 freaking levels! Can you believe it? I’ve only thought of at most 3 speed levels in a humidifier and 3 is nowhere near 8. This way you can have the right comfort level that you need!

It is also made easier to use because the unit comes with a small remote (a cool water drop shape!) that has adjustment buttons for the moisture level.

Another awesome feature it has is the 3 nozzle attachments it comes with that lets you adjust the height. 8 mist settings and 3 vase-like necks, isn’t it the bomb, huh?

Nearly quiet

It does not only look great and function well, but it operates almost as stealthy as a mouse! You could barely hear its sound when it’s on which maybe because it’s an ultrasonic humidifier.

Nevertheless, some ultrasonic humidifiers are not as quiet as Luma Comfort HC12B so thumbs up to this one.


  • Many settings to choose from
  • Long hour duration
  • Has soothing sound


  • Too bright LED light
  • Noisy beeps and low water alarm

4. Roolen BR01/W Breath Cool Mist Humidifier

Simple controls

Are you tired of having to look at your humidifier that has so many buttons and settings you can choose from? Are you a simpleton like some people are and are quite satisfied with just few controls?

Well, thank your lucky stars, pal, because Roolen BR01/W can be the humidifier you’re looking for. This humidifier has no unnecessary controls added and only the vital switches for a humidifier are placed.


3 way operation and energy-saving

Unlike the typical low, medium and high level, Roolen BR01/W has low, high and auto. It can function well for 24 hours if it is set on low. On high level, it can operate for 12 hours and the mist doubles in size.

And for auto, the water is effectively used up until the very last drop and will give you the exact humidity that your room needs. It also conserves energy because once all the mist are exhausted, it automatically goes into sleep mode.

Simple and awesome operating system, what more could you ask for?

Looks elegant and does its job

The main surface has a soft matte finish and looks like an erupting volcano when it’s running. Pretty cool, huh? But looks can be deceiving right? Fortunately, this one right here is good at doing its job while looking beautiful at the same time.

So, you think you’re up for this one? Coz I think I’ll be adding this to my options.


  • Very easy maintenance
  • Long runtime
  • Really helps alleviate respiratory problems


  • Produces residues that will require regular cleaning
  • Doesn’t last that long according to customer reviews

5. TaoTronics TT-AH001 Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Microsporous Ceramic Catridge

If you have babies at home and are looking for a humidifier that works best with babies then TT-AH001 is the one for you. It has a cartridge that can remove harmful agents from the water which makes it very ideal for babies.

Big room coverage and tank capacity

The device may be small but it can actually humidify your room (and efficiently at that) up to 538 square feet.


Its tank can carry 4 liters of water that runs for 15 hours, no refill needed. So no refilling necessary for you (not for at least 15 hours!).

LED display, 360-degree nozzle and timer

It has a clear led display showing the mist level and other modes of the device giving it a trendy appeal. With its 360-degree nozzle you can direct it in any direction you want to. Then it also has built-in timer like AOS 7147 that will let you run the device for 1 to 24 hours. 

So, is this one good enough, folks?


  • High flexibility
  • Lasts up to 20 hours
  • Low energy consumption


  • Light from the buttons can be too bright
  • Plenty of white powder residues

Final judgment

Your decision on whether which cool mist humidifier is the right one for you depends heavily on what you need and what type do you prefer.

Noise is also very important because most people care a great deal about how quiet their humidifier can be. Sleeping or working with a humidifier that makes annoying sounds is the last thing anyone needs in their lives.

If such is a case for you, then an ultrasonic humidifier might be the solution. But if you’re just looking for a humidifier that will give you the proper humidity level that you need, any of those five or other humidifiers will be do just fine.

As for me, if I were to pick among the five, I’d pick the LUMA Comfort. I really like how it looks, its design and style. I don’t know about you, but it looks so pleasing in my eyes.

It gives off just the right amount of contemporary and sleek “vibes” that I would more than love to add in my bedroom.


Oh, and the features rock, too! Especially those 8 mist settings. I think it’ll work like a champ!

Needless to say, it’s very hard not to love this particular Luma Comfort humidifier.

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