8 Best Newborn Bathtubs

Like any other type of bathtubs, there are various kinds of baby bathtubs you can choose from. The challenging part of buying a baby tub, however, is choosing what’s best. But worry no more because I spent hours discerning the the best newborn bathtubs in the market today!

8 Best Newborn Bathtubs In The Market This 2018

1. The First Years Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

I will start the list of the best newborn bathtubs with a product from The First Years. Voted as the “best bathtub” in the 2014 BabyCenter's Moms’ Picks awards, The First Years deluxe newborn to toddler tub has a deep ergonomic design that holds your baby better when bathing. The tub also has a mesh sling and a padded headrest for your baby’s support and comfort.

With the tub’s mildew-resistant pads, your baby is safe from fungal infection. Its netting is also machine washable and dryable. Once your baby grows a little, he or she can sit in the tub comfortably while playing. It’s not surprising why most moms love this tub.


  • Adjustable sling for the baby’s support and safety
  • Built-in basin for your baby’s toys, rinsing water, and supplies
  • Mildew-resistant pads to prevent fungi from growing


  • Not ideal to use without the sling as baby keeps sliding down
  • Too small for baby to fully lay down
  • Too slippery, which is not really safe without the sling

Verdict: This baby tub is great when you really know how to use it. You have to utilize the sling for your baby’s safety when bathing. But I am going to recommend this, however. I just don’t want any mildew to grow in the tub because that will surely become a health problem to my baby.

2. Primo EuroBath

Next in our list of the best newborn bathtubs is the Primo EuroBath. This tub simply makes you and your baby’s bath time fun, convenient, and safe.

Its unique anatomical figure maintains your baby’s good positioning and avoids your baby from slipping in the water. Its double position and large size are perfect for your baby’s bath since day one.

Aside from that, you have two options for your baby’s bath position. If your baby is 0-6 months old, a reclining position is best, while for babies 6 to 24+ months old, you can let them sit in the tub. This tub also keeps your baby warm while taking the bath. Its drain plug makes draining and cleaning easy.


  • Largest bathtub in the market
  • Offers unique positions for infants and toddlers
  • Drain plug for quick draining and cleaning


  • Not comfortable for a sitting position because it is slippery
  • Side supports that block your baby’s arms, which can hurt your baby
  • Too large for newborns where water easily gets into your baby’s ears

Verdict: This baby tub may not be ideal for small ones because it’s just too big. Better get a smaller one if you have newborns. Its draining system is admirable though because it’s really fast. Buy this one if your baby can already sit down, but I will not recommend this for small babies.

3. Angelcare Bath Support for Toddlers

A product from Angelcare is also in our selection of the best newborn bathtubs. Its ergonomic design will keep the safety and comfort of your baby.

It makes sure your baby’s hygiene is maintained, and it is easy to clean too.

You can also store it conveniently with its attached hook and lightweight plastic material.

Your baby is safe from fungal infections too with its mold-resistant soft mesh. Its contour design holds your baby in place during bath time for a more enjoyable bath experience.


  • Ergonomic support for your baby’s safety and comfort
  • Made of soft material that does not harm your baby’s skin
  • Easy cleaning with its quick draining and drying support


  • Too small to spaciously bathe your baby
  • Does not have a warming system, which makes baby really cold when bathing

Verdict: I have to emphasize that this tub is not spacious for your baby’s bath, which can be really inconvenient for you and your baby. It is also important to keep a good temperature during bath time so your baby does not feel cold. Overall, for the reasons I have mentioned, it may not be an ideal baby tub. But because it has a quick cleaning and draining system, you might want to consider this.

4. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

The Summer Infant deluxe baby bather takes a spot in our list of the best newborn bathtubs. This baby tub primarily secures your baby’s safety during bath time.

It features multiple reclining positions for your baby’s comfortable bath. Its soft mesh sling protectively holds your baby with maximum support.

Moreover, you can use this tub in a sink, on the counter, or in a full-size tub. Its sturdy base keeps full support on your baby for a more convenient bath. The tub can be easily stored too because it can be folded, which is perfect for traveling.


  • Portable versatility that can be used in a sink and a full-size tub or on the counter
  • 3-Position recline to provide your baby the most comfort
  • Cradling support for your baby’s safety


  • Not a deep seat, which causes your baby to fall out
  • Only suitable for huge sinks
  • Mesh gets extremely cold, which makes your baby feel cold too

Verdict: I am going to emphasize that this tub does not have a deep seat, which might cause your baby to easily fall off. The safety of our babies is a priority, so we should look first into how safe the tub is.

Aside from that, the mesh gets really cold, so you have to fill it up quite a bit so your baby will not feel cold. You have to be extremely careful, however, if you decide to buy this tub.

5. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 sling and seat tub is in our selection of the best newborn bathtubs as well. The tub has a special four-stage convertible bath center with a squeeze bottle and a whale scoop for your baby’s fun bath time. Stage 1 is a soft mesh sling perfect for newborns. Stage 2 is a baby stopper that holds your baby while taking the bath.

Stage 3 is a sit-me-up support that makes sure your baby’s sitting position is steady. Lastly, stage 4 is a roomy toddler tub for a better and comfortable position. It also has a plug for easy cleaning and draining. You can store it and dry it easily as well with its cool hook. 


  • Four-stage convertible bath center that has a lot of usages
  • Sit-me-up support for a steady bath time
  • A plug for easy cleaning and draining


  • Green insert has sharp edges, which can hurt your baby’s toes
  • Slippery that causes baby to constantly slide down
  • Too large for a standard double-sink kitchen

Verdict: Although this tub has a special feature of a four-stage convertible bath center, your baby is not totally safe because of the sharp edges of the green insert. You just need to be extra careful and cautious, however, if you will choose this baby tub.

6. Puj Newborn Tub 

The Puj tub is also an entry in our selection of the best newborn bathtubs. This tub gives you a fun hands-on experience with your baby during bath time.

It is made of soft foam that fits in most sinks and shields your baby’s skin from the cold sink. It is also easy to clean with just soap and water, which does not require to be highly maintained.

Aside from that, the tub lets you bathe your baby using your two hands because it has a strong base. The tub also has mold-resistant and mildew-resistant features that prevent your baby from fungal infections. It is quick-drying and can be stored easily. 


  • Made of soft and sturdy foam that cradles and comforts your baby
  • Mold-resistant and mildew-resistant that avoids skin diseases to your baby
  • Folds and fits in most types of sinks


  • Does not allow much water around your baby
  • Requires upright sitting, which makes your baby uncomfortable
  • Magnets do not work well if sink is not a perfect fit

Verdict: This tub is great because it is mold-resistant and mildew-resistant, which prevents your baby from skin diseases. It is also soft so your baby is comfortable when bathing. The only thing that I have to emphasize, however, is that this works well if the sink size is a good fit. However, you only need to get used to it if you really want to purchase this tub.

7. Summer Infant Newborn To Toddler Bath

Another product from Summer Infant is in our list of the best newborn bathtubs. This bath is great for an infant to toddler ages. It features four stages that support your baby as he or she grows.

The first stage is the newborn sling in a sink, which is perfect if you prefer using it in a sink. The second stage is utilizing more its newborn sling in a toddler tub with a shower outside.

On the third stage, it would be the toddler tub with a shower for your growing baby. And the last stage is a removable shower tool for an extended use.

The portable motorized shower gives a gentle rinse spray on your baby. It can be used longer even if your baby will already need an adult tub. 


  • Four-stage usage that aids your baby until he or she grows
  • Portable shower - easy to carry or shower on the sink or in the bathroom
  • Does not require to fill the entire tub for a small bath


  • Not best for babies who cannot sit down yet
  • Hose is too short for my taste
  • Water spray design blocks water as it is forced to bend 

Verdict: The four-stage feature is really great for growing babies. With the water spray, the idea is good for its long-term use, but its design needs to be improved if water is blocked. I think this tub is practical for long-term use and you just need to get the hang of it and learn its ins and outs.

8. Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Boon doesn’t want to get left behind in our best newborn bathtubs. This tub is designed with a two-stage support position from newborn to toddler.

 Storage is made easy with its collapsible design and hook. Its reclining feature helps your baby keep his or her head above water.

Its full expanded basin can accommodate toddlers and infants. With the tub’s rotating support brace, your baby is in a secure and quick position. It also has a drain plug for fast draining and cleaning. Its overall design is simple, which is perfect for your growing baby.


  • Two support positions made for the transition period of your baby from infant to toddler
  • Reclining position to keep your baby’s head above water
  • Large basin that gives enough space for your baby


  • Lacks an anti-slip mat to keep your baby from constantly slipping down
  • Not a good draining position (at the top part)
  • Too shallow that bathing is not fun anymore

Verdict: The support positions of the tubs are great for the transition period of the baby’s growth. However, it’s just too shallow for a bath, which makes it unenjoyable anymore. Regardless, you can still try this out to see if it’s worth it.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Newborn Bathtubs

1. Convertible Tubs

We want baby tubs that are for long-term use, of course. So better choose those that have a convertible feature as this is made for the transition period of growing your babies from infant to toddler. Convertible tubs have a sling or a hammock to keep newborns higher than water. If your baby can sit down already, you can remove the sling or hammock to give more bath space.

2. Hard Plastic Tubs

The hard plastic material is easy to clean and maintain. Some even have a mold-resistant or mildew-resistant feature to prevent any fungal infection to your baby. However, you need to select a contoured, smooth shape for your baby’s bath convenience. A plug should be positioned at the base for easy draining.

3. Foldable Tubs

Foldable tubs come in handy when you travel a lot. It is also convenient for carrying and storing while traveling. However, it may not be sturdy and solid as the non-foldable ones. So take extra care when you choose this type.

Wrapping this Up

With the best newborn bathtubs shown, at this point, you will have a clearer picture of what baby tub is perfect for your little one. After all, the key to choosing the right tub is knowing exactly the features you want. So list down these features now and start narrowing down your choices!