5 Best Wrought Iron Patio Sets In The Market

Jun 27, 2018 | Outdoor, Reviews

The warm and dry seasons are a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor barbecues, parties, and casual get-togethers with your family and friends. You can savor the mild weather by hanging out in your outdoor space, delighting in the sunset filled with the brightest shades of orange and pink, soaking in the gentle breeze of the wind. You can extend this pleasant experience through the fall months and even into winter with the help of weather-resistant furniture.

Aside from being beautiful and having that classic and stylish good looks, wrought iron furniture is durable, low maintenance and definitely weather-resistant. With a little care and attention, wrought iron furniture can be left outdoors all year-round. You can enjoy your backyard, porch, balconies, deck or any outdoor area beyond the summer months.

If you have decided to get a wrought iron patio set, here is a list of the best on the market today to help guide you in choosing the one for your outdoor oasis.

Top 5 Iron Patio Sets

1. Best Overall

Cloud Mountain 5-Piece Cushioned Outdoor Furniture Garden Patio Conversation Set

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The Cloud Mountain patio conversation set is made of dark brown colored wrought iron tube, which is sturdy and can withstand adverse weather conditions.

The tables are made of powder-coated iron, which is equally as durable as those on the seats are. It has nice, classic lines and a streamlined design that make your patio look cozy and welcoming.

The cushions are filled with a hypoallergenic sponge that provides hours of comfort. They are covered with stain release fabric to keep the dust and water out. They come with straps that are made of the same material as the covers and are tied around the sides to keep them from slipping off the seats. The single chair can carry persons of up to 250 pounds while the loveseat has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.

Most users complain of the single seats tending to bend over at the back as it seems lacking in support because of the design itself. As this wrought iron patio set is made with robust, powder-coated steel; it is durable and can carry heavy weights. Some people actually like this as they act like recliners while some recommend a slight upward pull on the backrest to keep its shape intact.

Pros and cons

  • Made of high-quality wrought iron
  • Comes with cushions that are hypoallergenic
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • High weight capacity
  • Includes one loveseat, two single chairs, and two coffee tables
  • The single chairs tend to bend to one side

2. Best Value

Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-Piece Patio Dining Set

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Built with heavy-duty wrought iron steel frame, the Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court patio dining set is a lovely addition to your deck, backyard, garden, patio, and balcony.

The wrought iron used for this set is powder-coated and carefree finished, designed to take on the harsh elements. It has an exquisite and classy look that adds character to your patio.

The cushions are covered with 100% Jacquard woven fabric that features an intricate pattern that adds to the overall sophisticated look of the whole set. They have polyurethane and polyester fill that make them super firm and comfortable that is perfect for lazing around in your garden. They are water, stain, dust, and mildew resistant and are treated for UV protection. They can easily be cleaned with a little soap and water. They have ties that are attached to the seats to prevent them from falling or slipping off.

One flaw we found with this wrought iron patio set is that the cushions make a slight noise when you sit on them. For us, that is something you can easily ignore because of the beauty and high quality this set adds to your patio.

Pros and cons

  • Made of heavy-duty wrought iron steel
  • Comes with cushions that are covered with dark green woven fabric
  • The cushions have fabric ties
  • The table comes with a mesh design and a hole for an outdoor umbrella
  • Includes four single chairs and one table
  • Cushions make a slight noise when you sit on them

3. Best 3 Piece Set

Cloud Mountain Outdoor Patio Furniture Wrought Iron Bistro Set

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The Cloud Mountain wrought iron bistro set is a 3-piece furniture set designed to give you a relaxing time while staying outdoors on your patio. It uses a powder-coated iron frame that has a very contemporary and stunning look. At just 88 pounds, it is a lightweight set that is sturdy and really strong. The chairs can carry a weight of up to 250 pounds each while the table has a weight capacity of up to 160 pounds.

This wrought iron patio set comes with six-inch cushions that are made of cotton and are covered with removable Olefin fabric that is proven to be lightweight yet tough and stain-resistant. It only offers slight resistance to water, so it is advised to bring them in whenever it rains or snows. A good thing though is that the seats are a standard size so you can easily buy replacements or have some made.

It requires assembly upon getting them, but it is very simple that you can quickly set them up in just under an hour. The table comes with a tempered glass that is strong and can hold your food, drinks or decorative ornaments. It has a 1.6-inch hole in the center to hold most umbrellas.

Pros and cons

  • Made of durable, powder-coated iron frame
  • Comes with a tempered glass table
  • Has removable and easy to clean cushions
  • Includes two single chairs and one table
  • Cushions are not water-resistant

4. Best for Patio

Mainstays Wrought Iron 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set

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The Mainstays wrought iron outdoor bistro set is made of powder-coated steel that is built to provide you with hours of patio time that would last through many seasons. They are perfectly balanced, so you would not feel any annoying rocking motions.

They all have protective pads on the bottom so you can move them around your patio without making screeching and scratching noises.

The seats, the backs, and the table have a wire mesh that is strong and comfortable. This wrought iron patio set comes with cushions that add to its comfort. They can be removed for cleaning and have Velcro strips to prevent them from slipping off the seats. The whole set weighs about 50 pounds but is still heavy enough to withstand windy environments of up to 40 mph. It also has a very good weight capacity of about 250 to 300 pounds.

The table has a slight wobble which is quite easy to fix, just a little squiggle here and there with the pads on the bottom and, voila! Wobbling is gone. There are also some complaints of difficulty in the assembly, but overall, this wrought iron patio set has no major deal breakers at all, definitely gives you great value for your money.

Pros and cons

  • Has powder-coated, top-quality steel frame
  • Comes with removable cushions with red, black, and beige stripes
  • The cushions have Velcro strips to keep them in place
  • Includes two single chairs and one table
  • There is a slight wobble on the table

5. Best Cushioned Option

Cloud Mountain 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Patio Cafe Furniture Set

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This Cloud Mountain outdoor bistro patio set has a modern and impressive design that gives your patio or any outdoor space elegance and character.

It uses durable and powder-coated steel that is sure to last you many years of relaxation and comfort. It is the ideal wrought iron patio set for a couple who wants to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air in their garden with their favorite drinks.

The back cushions are about 5 inches thick while the seat cushions are around 6 inches in thickness. The covers are removable so you can quickly take them off and have them cleaned. They also come with strips of fabric to tie them around the back to prevent the cushions from slipping off the seats. One fault we found with this set is that the cushions are not water-resistant. You need to bring them inside when not in use or when the rainy or wet season starts.

The chairs are well-made and designed to carry weights of up to 250 pounds while the table can hold up to 115 pounds of food, drinks, books, and decorative pieces. It needs to be assembled but is a simple and easy process that can be done by anyone in just under one hour. The red cushions add color to your patio and are firm yet tough enough to give you extreme comfort.

Pros and cons

  • Made of durable powder coated wrought iron
  • Removable thick cushions
  • Easy assembly
  • Includes two single chairs and one table
  • Cushions are not water-resistant

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Wrought Iron Patio Set


Choose a wrought iron patio set that would complement the overall look of your house. Your patio is an extension of your living room, it needs to have a look that would blend with it. If your house has a contemporary look, buy outdoor furniture that would match that style. Fortunately, the options are countless, and with a little research, you can get the design you want and the comfort you need.

Consider Your Budget

Yes, you can get a wrought iron patio set at a very inexpensive price, but there are times that what you pay for is exactly what you will be getting. Be wary of cheap products that look beautiful but will only give you a few seasons of use. Moreover, since you are in the market for outdoor furniture, you need to get something that would be weather resistant, not something that only promises to be weather resistant.

Some wrought iron furniture sets are designed to stand the test of time and take on the harshest of weathers with little upkeep. Adding a little extra to your budget can get you the best-wrought iron patio set, think of it as paying for quality, performance, and years of staying outdoors and a relaxing good time.


Another major consideration is what you will be using the outdoor furniture for. If you are looking to have a wrought iron patio set for you and your partner, the ones shown above can be the best for you. You need to know if you will eventually be hosting large dinner parties or get-togethers for your friends and family. You may want to look at sets that are good for many guests or if you will need more seats and other accessories.


Most wrought iron patio sets are designed for use in the outdoors all year round. However, it is never a bad idea to prolong their life by providing them with extra care and protection. This is good if you have ample storage space like a garage or a basement wherein you can easily stash all these outdoor furniture away when they are not in use. If you do not have space, it is highly recommended to get protective covering to keep them out of the rain, snow, or strong winds.


As with all your furniture purchases, be sure to check the measurement of your outdoor space before taking the plunge in getting the best-wrought iron patio set. Even if you already have outdoor furniture, it is still best to measure before you buy. Don’t buy furniture that would make your space look constricting, the idea of staying outdoors is to relax and not be bothered by cumbersome furniture. It’s also a good idea to have some space to walk around or to move your furniture whichever way you want.


The patio is an extension of your house where you can enjoy the sun and the wind during the warm summer months. A wrought iron patio set can add luxury and stylish good looks to your outdoor area plus give you and your family hours of enjoyment. Wrought iron furniture can enhance the look of your space and provide many wonderful uses whether hanging out with your loved ones or getting some special alone time on your patio.

The wrought iron patio sets that we listed above can give you more information before actually going out to buy your own.

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