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7 Best Bathtubs That Will Complete Your Bathing Experience

There are hundreds of bathtub models that have made their way to the market. I’m a huge fan of bubble baths and rubber ducks, so I spent the last few months doing intensive research. Lo and behold, I was able to narrow down the number from hundreds to the 7 best... read more

What Is The Best Humidifier of 2018?

Dry air is no laughing matter, it’s one of the major causes of stuffy noses and dry throats at home. Before you start reaching to your medicine cabinet for a quick fix, you may want to look at a more permanent solution. We took the time to look at a number of the best... read more

8 Best Window Air Conditioners of 2018

When the weather starts to become hotter and hotter, most of us tend to think about getting an air conditioner to keep us cool. Or maybe you want to have an upgrade and get something that provides more comfort but uses less energy. The choices are limitless so picking... read more

8 Best Ductless Air Conditioner of 2018

Getting ready to cool your space this coming summer? If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner for your home, you will reap many benefits if you opt for a ductless air conditioning system. Ductless air conditioning works just as the name suggests—a cooling... read more

7 Best Newborn Bathtubs of 2018

Like any other type of bathtubs, there are various kinds of baby bathtubs you can choose from. The challenging part of buying a baby tub, however, is choosing what’s best. But worry no more because we’ve spent hours discerning the best newborn bathtubs for you... read more

9 Best Bedspreads for the Perfect Nights Sleep (2018)

Bedspreads aren’t simply for decoration, it also adds to the comfortability, freshness, and aesthetic of your bed. I can honestly say that having the best bedspread can make all the difference when having a good night’s sleep. Bedspreads are bedding essentials that... read more

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